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LED driver power supply cooling problems

Date:2017-12-22   Times:889   

       The LED is a cold light source, the operating junction temperature cannot exceed the limit, and a certain margin must be left when drawing. The entire lighting has to be thought out of beautiful shapes, convenient devices, light distribution, and heat dissipation. It is necessary to find a balance among many elements so that the entire lighting system is the best. The LED lighting has not been developed for a long time and can learn. There are not many experiences and many depictions are constantly improving. Some LED lighting manufacturers use the power supply for the outsourcing may be outsourced, lamp depiction division of the power to know much, to the LED cooling space larger, to the power of the cooling space smaller. It is usually a good description of the lighting and then find the appropriate power to support, so that the power supply will bring a certain degree of difficulty. Often encountered because of the smaller internal space of the luminaire or the internal temperature is higher, and the cost control is low, unable to match the appropriate power supply. Some LED lighting factory has a power of research and development, at the beginning of the depiction of lamps and lanterns early assessment, the power of the depiction carried out simultaneously, we can deal with the above problems. In the depiction, it is necessary to generalize the heat dissipation of the LED and the heat dissipation of the power supply, and control the temperature rise of all the lamps so as to paint a better lamp.

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